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College Readiness News Roundup: More Accountability in High Schools, Florida’s New Readiness Agenda, and More

Posted in Test Prep on October 14, 2011 by

In this week’s College Readiness News Roundup, check out stories about accountability in college readiness, Florida’s new college-readiness agenda, and more.

1. Call for More Accountability in College Readiness

“If states want to get serious about college and career readiness, they need to track student completion of college-level coursework in high school. A policy brief by Jobs for the Future, a national Boston-based nonprofit, advocates better accountability and incentives for schools to prepare students for college success.” Read more in this post from Education Week’s College Ready blog.

2. Suburban Colleges Try to Get Kids College-Ready

Community colleges in suburban Chicago are offering bridge and developmental courses to help get students up to speed for college courses — but many say that better alignment between high school and college standards is key to increasing college readiness rates. Read more in this article from the Daily Herald.

3. Universities Drop Remedial Classes as Part of Reform

The majority of the nearly 40% of Ohio students who need remedial courses will take them at community colleges instead of universities this year, thanks to a new statewide plan to save students money and improve credit transfer between institutions. Read more in this article from the Dayton Daily News.

4. Testing Ground: How Florida Schools and Colleges Are Using a New Assessment to Increase College

A new report discusses “how Florida’s Division of Colleges worked with K-12 partners to design, plan, and launch an ambitious college-readiness agenda with a new college placement test as its centerpiece.” Click to read the full report.

5. Report Calls for Inclusion of Asian Students in College Agenda

“Despite being one of the fastest-growing minorities in the United States, the Asian American and Pacific Islander population has not been adequately researched or its needs considered in the the higher education agenda, a new report released today says.” Read more about the findings of the report, entitled “The Relevance of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in the College Completion Agenda,” in this post from Education Week’s College Ready blog.

6. “Unlocking the Secrets of College Retention” Free Webinar: 10/18/2011

This free webinar from Education Week will discuss efforts to improve college retention, a growing problem across the country. Register here.

7. The Problem with Continuous Improvement

A new bill drafted by Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) would “relieve states of having to meet federally specified achievement goals in math and reading,” requiring only that students show “continuous improvement,” as opposed to proficiency or college readiness. Richard Rothstein objects to the bill’s standards in this post on the Washington Post’s The Answer Sheet blog.