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MBA Life on Youtube: Inside the HBS Case Method

Posted in Test Prep on February 11, 2011 by

As Andy wrote about a while back, business schools post a lot of amazing resources online for aspiring MBAs to learn about their offerings. Harvard Business School has some great videos on its Youtube channel that walk students through the HBS approach to an MBA education.

This video, “Inside the HBS Case Method,” explains one of the central tenets of the Harvard b-school curriculum: structuring classes around actual case studies from the business world.

The goal is to get students in the habit of making the kinds of real-world business decisions they’ll have to make when they graduate. It’s also a great way of engaging students, since preparation is the only way to dive into a given case. As She-Rae Chen, a first-year student puts it, “It’s crucial. If you aren’t prepared for the class you can’t engage as much; you can’t have a kind of friendly dynamic discussion with all your classmates.”

Check it out to learn more about how the process works: from the teaching groups, which professors prepare for as much as students, to the extensive prep that students do outside of class.