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MBA News Round-Up: U.S News Rankings, the GMAT Gets a Makeover, and Insider Tips for Your MBA Application

Posted in Test Prep on March 21, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Round-up! This week, check out the U.S News b-school rankings, details about the new format of the GMAT, insider tips for your MBA application, and articles about the added focus on social media and sustainability in European b-schools.

1. U.S News Ranking of Business Schools

Check out one of the most important annual b-school rankings. This year, Stanford, Harvard, and MIT Sloan top the list.

2. Social Media Burst into Europe’s Business Schools

Social media is already a hot topic in U.S programs. The trend is hitting European b-schools as well.

3. Sustainability of Growing Importance at European Business Schools

Interest from students and a sense of global urgency are driving the curriculum changes at schools like INSEAD, RSM, and Oxford.

4. The GMAT Gets a Makeover

If you have yet to take the GMAT, you should acquaint yourself with these changes. Expect to have to review spreadsheets, scatter plots, and other visuals in addition to the usual activities.

5. Harvard MBAs Flocking to Wall Street

30% of Harvard’s freshly minted MBAs are taking jobs in the financial sector. What does this signal about our economy?

6. The Best Business Advice in 140 Characters or Less

Check out this fun compilation of quotable advice from business leaders such as Fred Wilson, Bijan Sabet, Mark Cuban, and Evan Williams.