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MBA News Roundup: HBS Leadership Fellows, $20 Million "MBA Draft," Compensation for Female MBAs

Posted in Test Prep on April 28, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Round-up! This week, check out articles on this year’s HBS Leadership Fellows, the $20 million “MBA Draft,” compensation for female MBAs, and the annual “Follies” show at top b-schools nationwide.

1. GMAT Exam Now Accepted by More than 5,000 Programs

As new business and management programs are springing up everywhere, GMAT popularity hits a new high.

2. Harvard Business School Announces New Leadership Fellows

Leading nonprofit and public sector organizations are offering 8 outstanding HBS grads $45k a year, which HBS will match. Check out the winners and what they’re doing to change the world!

3. $20 Million MBA Draft

Want an MBA but worried about the cost? The “Consortium” may be able to help: the single largest MBA scholarship fund in the world has offered $225 million to 6,000 MBA students since its founding in 1966.

4. Top Job Offers Underline the Importance of the MBA

A global perspective and access to an “unmatched diversity of thought” are just two of the reasons the MBA remains desirable in today’s business landscape.

5. More Female MBAs but Little Gain for Equal Pay

The number of women MBAs is rising, but compensation stats have not improved accordingly. What’s going on?

6.  The Annual “Follies” Show at Top B-Schools

If you’re curious about extracurricular life at Kellogg, Stern, or Columbia, check out this annual tradition proving that MBAs know how to poke fun at themselves and play just as hard as they work.