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MBA News Roundup: The MBA Oath, Internship Hiring, and Interpreting B-School Rankings

Posted in Test Prep on April 4, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA news roundup! This week, check out articles about the new MBA oath, how to interpret b-school rankings, internship hiring for the summer, and the focus on project management in b-schools.

1. The Environmentally Friendly MBA

Dream of “mastering both sides of the equation”–that is, environmental sustainability and bottom-line profitability? Check out this article on programs that might suit you.

2. An MBA Oath?

Several hundred MBAs at Harvard pledged to refrain from “corruption, unfair competition, and business practices” that are harmful to society. Can a few words change the world? Max Anderson ’01 seems to think so.

3. Make the Most of B-School Rankings

Bombarded with contradictory advice about how to interpret rankings such as those found in U.S News and The Economist? Read what admissions experts have to say.

4. MBA Programs Focus on Project Management

B-schools now recognize that students need strategic thinking and management prowess as well as technical skill.

5. Beat The GMAT Transforms Before Our Eyes

Your favorite forum for all-things-MBA gets a makeover. Version 3 is inspired by social media and includes Facebook and Twitter-style features such as “my follow feed” and “my bookmarks.”

6. MBA Internship Hiring Shows Signs of Life

Hiring for summer internships induces a sense of “cautious optimism” among MBAs. Those looking to enter consulting should be especially pleased.