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MBA Round-Up: Entrepreneurship, B-School Applications, and the Top 5 Ways to Flunk the GMAT

Posted in Test Prep on February 28, 2011 by

Welcome to another installation of Knewton’s MBA roundup! This week, check out articles about entrepreneurship, b-school applications, taking the GMAT, and a new venture contest in India.

1. 8 Things for New B-School Applicants

Overwhelmed by the MBA application process? Let Poets and Quants help you streamline the process with their step-by-step guide.

2. Got a Great Idea? Tell Everyone!

Want to be an entrepreneur? Read this New York Times article to find out why being secretive could lead to failure.

3. MBA Still an Asset in the Workplace

“The MBA qualification is essential across a broad range of industries for people intending to step into general management, senior management and CEO roles,” says Sandra Burmeister of Landelahni Recruitment. Read this article to find out why.

4. Harvard B-School Announces 2nd New Venture Contest in India

Business schools are known for their venture contests. Here’s a new one to keep your eye on.

5. Technology Will Keep B-School Applicants Honest

With the proliferation of information available online these days, plagiarism is increasingly easy not only to commit, but also to detect — especially when it comes to high-stakes admissions essays.

6. Top 5 Ways to Flunk the GMAT

How can you ace the GMAT? Well, a good start is by avoiding these 5 behaviors… #4 is our favorite.