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Must-Read MBA Blogs

Posted in Test Prep on March 28, 2011 by

Want to know what b-school is really like? Forget admissions brochures. These blogs, written by current MBA students, will give you the real story!

Classy Career Girl

Business school has changed a lot in recent years — but if you’re still worried about it being a boys club, check out Classy Career Girl, a blog with a decidedly female take on the MBA. Anna, a consultant by day and MBA prep student by night, has great advice for young professionals of both genders “on how to be classy as you climb the corporate ladder.”

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Jeremy C. Wilson

As Jeremy, a Kellogg JD-MBA Student, writes, “While sometimes raw intelligence and unique skills can be enough… taking your career to the next level is also about having good timing, finding quality professional mentors… and most importantly having access to information during critical transition points.” Jeremy’s blog, which focuses on his personal career journey, seeks to provide a first-hand perspective on information related to b-school and law school for anyone interested.

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Military to Business

This blog, written by a US Military Officer in Harvard Business School’s Class of 2011, details the author’s transition to the business world. If you’re a non-traditional and/or military applicant — or are just interested in learning more about HBS — Military to Business has some great information that you might not find elsewhere.

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The Financial Times’ MBA Blog

Twenty-two student bloggers, representing twelve countries, share their b-school experiences on the FT’s MBA blog. While the tone might be slightly more formal than an individual student blog, the FT blog can’t be beat for sheer range and number of perspectives. Topics range from time management to event planning to lessons in entrepreneurship to love to… well, you get the picture.

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Did we miss any of your favorite MBA student blogs? Let us know in the comments!