Right here. 

At Knewton, we know that affordability and achievement go hand-in-hand, so we want you to have the ability to choose the price point that’s best for your budget. There are a few different ways to buy access to alta, but you’ll get the best deal on your alta purchase right here. All options give you immediate access to alta.

Before you can buy, you’ll need to access your instructor’s course from within your school’s learning management system, or you’ll receive a link from your instructor that looks something like this:

Knerd.me Link for Students

Once you’re at the alta purchase screen, you’ll be able to choose which purchase option is best for you.

One-time, low cost purchase option $44

This is the best deal for most students. One low price activates your subscription to alta for the duration of your course.

Redeem an access code purchased at your campus store

If you’ve purchased an access code in your campus store or elsewhere online, you can redeem it here and get instant access to alta.

Monthly subscription option $9.95

This option is perfect if you’d like to pay as you go, or for short duration courses. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. When you register, be sure to use an email address where you can receive communication after your course has concluded.

Waiting on financial aid distribution? Courtesy access can get you started immediately.

If you’re waiting on financial aid distribution to purchase course materials, you may use our 14-day Courtesy Access option. You’ll still begin with the knerdme link or by accessing an assignment from your school’s learning management system. Once you’re at the alta purchase screen, simply select “Courtesy Access” underneath either the one-time purchase or redeem options.  At the end of 14 days, you’ll need to purchase alta to continue coursework. Please note that those who activate Courtesy Access will only have the option to redeem an access code or select the one-time purchase to continue accessing alta. The monthly purchase option will not be available if you’ve previously activated Courtesy Access for the course.


The finer print

  • Taxes will apply on purchases made on knewton.com
  • Prices as featured are accurate for the Spring and Summer 2019 academic terms
  • If you have other questions, you may view our full terms of service.